Yoga on the Go—How to Integrate Yoga into Mundane Tasks Outside of the Studio

Some of the most common feedback from practicing yogis is how good their body feels after. Unarguably, the empowering feelings of relaxation, peace of mind, and strong muscles is often most noticeable directly following yoga practice. This is partially due to an extended focus on muscle exertion and holding poses. Another reason for this enhanced feeling, is the mindfulness invested throughout a yoga practice. That post-workout high experienced just after a session is something that brings yogis back to the studio.

Unfortunately, many yogis wish they could experience this connection of mind, body, and spirit more often, but they feel that the biggest obstacle to practicing more is time limitation. However, there are opportunities to integrate yoga into your day that don’t require setting an hour aside at the studio. Here is a list of everyday situations where you can integrate yoga and experience a little shot of that wholesome feeling that comes after completing a full session.

Standing in Line

Whether at the driver’s license bureau, grocery store, or airport, standing in line often feels like lost time. However, waiting in line can be transformed into a mini-session. Consider required waiting time as free yoga minutes dedicated to simple standing poses rather than lost time. Feeling self-conscious? These poses are listed in order from least to most conspicuous:

Mountain Pose, Tadasana

Tree Pose, Vrksasana

Standing Half Forward Bend, Ardha Uttanasana

Chair Pose, Utkatasana

Eagle Pose, Garudasana


Whether stuck in the office cubicle or at a long stoplight, don’t let sitting be a deterrence from proper posture. While you may not be able to execute a complete pose, there are a few simple elements you can bring to your seated posture.

Forearm extension: If driving, loosely grip the top of the steering wheel, or any fixed object. With your arms straight, slowly advance your arms forward, past the wheel without releasing your grasp. Feel this stretch in the top of your forearms, as it releases tension built up from typing at a keyboard all day.

Seated Crescent Moon Pose, Chandrasana

Seated Marichi’s Pose, Marichyasana III: The seated version of this pose requires the normally outstretched leg to be bent and the crossed foot to rest on your seat.

Watching TV or Reading

While these activities will lessen the amount of mindfulness you are able to invest, you can still reap some of the other benefits of these poses.

Bound Angle Pose, Baddha Konasana

Fire Log Pose, Agnistambhasana

Hero Pose, Virasana


During any activity, remember to practice one of the frequently overlooked fundamentals of yoga: mindfulness. Be present to your situation and let go of thoughts that distract you from what you are doing.

Remember that the body needs to warm up properly before executing more advanced poses. Be mindful of how you are feeling and gauge which of these postures are most appropriate for your given situation.

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